Where sqlplusw.exe in Oracle 11?
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RUS: Где sqlplusw.exe в Oracle 11?

I can not find utility (component) sqlplusw.exe in Oracle 11.

Starting with version Oracle 11.1 GUI utility sqlplusw.exe is declared and excluded from the distribution. After installing the Oracle, in the ORACLE_HOMEbin only be a console version of the utility — sqlplus.exe . It is written in the documentation — Deprecated Components in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1) .

Now for sql-commands or sql-scripts you can use:

1) The console version sqlplus.exe . Is in the distribution (ie, after the installation of Oracle can use it immediately.)

2) GUI application SQL Developer. The distribution is usually a very old version. For example, for Oracle version of SQL Developer 1.5.5, while the version already exists SQL Developer 3.2. To use the best download and install the latest version. It requires a download and install the Java SE SDK. Bit SQL Developer and Java SE SDK must match.

3) Software third-party developers, for example Toad for Oracle.