About me

The list of technologies that are interesting at the moment and which I do (in descending order of interest): Python, Zabbix, Postgresql, C#. I am learning Python and I want to become a remote or not a very Python developer.

My blog is my RemBook (remember) which allows to remember and then to recall something. Fast to return to already once digested information without the long digging in various sources, and on the Internet …

Style of presentation — “for itself” so that through any time I could understand that I wrote.

Some articles are written for support, i.e. “for all” once to describe something and then to give the reference to article and not to explain repeatedly one and too.

Some articles are written at involvement in various projects and are preparations for the documentation or other materials of projects.

At any moment I can repeatedly make changes to any article.

At any citing of my blog — it is necessary to specify the link to this blog.


All materials presented in my blog, grow out of my work and a private experience, and as the processed or translated materials of other authors (referring to the primary source). Therefore articles can contain inaccuracies or errors. If you decide to use the information presented on this site you do it at own risk and I do not carry any responsibility for your actions. Please, always lean on own common sense.