Рубрика: Enterprise Manager (EM)

Не создается Oracle Enterprise Manager Console (EM) 10g
By: Date: 21.02.2011 Categories: !RUS,Enterprise Manager (EM) Метки:

ENG: Do not create Oracle Enterprise Manager Console (EM) 10g Oracle 10gR2 ( При попытке создать Enterprise Manager Console получаю ошибку Do you wish to continue? [yes(Y)/no(N)]: y 09.02.2011 19:34:44 oracle.sysman.emcp.EMConfig perform INFO: This operation is being logged at d:\oracle\oracle102\cfgtool\logs\emca\SSD\emca_2011-02-09_07-33-46-PM.log. 09.02.2011 19:34:47 oracle.sysman.emcp.EMReposConfig createRepository INFO: Creating the EM repository (this may take a while) … 09.02.2011…

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