How from one edition (version) Windows 7 and 2008 to receive another?
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RUS: Как из одной редакции (версии) Windows 7 и 2008 получить другую?

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All of us we know that there are many types Windows 7. And needs at people the different. Some would like to install Ultimate version, to some suffices Home or Premium. What to do, if we have only Ultimate version, but it is necessary to install Home? To download one more distribution kit? What for… All solved much easier.

We have: Windows 7 Ultimate.

The purpose: to receive all varieties of OS or distinct from Ultimate.

For a type of the installed version in distribution kits Windows 7 one file responds only. The file to be in a folder source, and is called ei.cfg.

For example, that from version Ultimate Windows 7 to make version Home Premium it is necessary to correct a file ei.cfg as follows:


That each time at installation not to correct this file to delete it from the distribution kit. In this case, at installation we give a choice, what version we want to install.